Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sable Breton (Butter Cookie)

Recipe from
Egg wash was a little too thick, which might have lead to the rough edges when cutting. Crisp cookie with a rich buttery flavor and hints of citrus, in my case orange zest.
Tweaks for a cleaner cut next time:
1. Thin egg wash with milk
2. Portion dough into 1/3 and roll out thinner, 3 mm
3. Cut cookie at 3 min mark instead of 5.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baguette Traditional - Fromartz

The award winning baguette from Fromartz Chewswise
Nice color and scoring.  Need to work on the shaping for better crust.

Average crumb size

Cooker is too small for anything but a mini baguette


12/6/13 update.
Batch #2. Attempted wet towel steaming instead of dutch oven.  This allowed for longer baguettes to be made.  Oven spring and gringe was not as nice as dutch oven method.  Shaping was a bit easier this time with more flour added during stretching.  Open crumb structure still eludes me. No pictures.

Pop Tart with Turkey Pot Pie filling

Recipe for crust
So buttery and flaky, you just might die.